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  • Vcom DVI Cable


    This is the ideal cable to attach the DVI socket on your graphics card to a TFT monitor / plasma / LCD screen with DVI input. Features and Specifications: Fitted with ferrite blocks to reduce interference and improve picture quality DVI-D (Digital) Single Link Please note that DVI can not carry audio signals

    Vcom DVI Cable

  • Vcom Hdmi Cable


    TYLE Male(Type A) to Male(Type A)
    COLOR Black
    PLUG Gold plated Aluminum metal head connectors.
    SUPPORT 3D,1080P,ethernet,Audio return
    JACKET Plus nylon braid
    POSITION Engineering level projector
    Professional audio, and monitor

    Vcom Hdmi Cable

  • Vcom VGA Cable Male – Male


    Retail packed VGA monitor cable 1.8 meters in length, male to male.
    VGA Male to VGA Male

    Multi-Strand Copper Center

    Black Colour

    Plastic Moulded Ends

    Multi-Shield Cable

    Vcom VGA Cable Male – Male